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To Dinitel it is important to show our customers our most iconic and innovative projects. We have an illustrative tool that allow us to show you our exclusive promotions and special projects.

vivimat® has made projects in most of cities of our country for example Madrid, Bilbao, Santander, Barcelona, Marbella, San Sebastian, Cadiz, Seville and much more...

vivimat® LIFESTYLE

vivimat® Lifestyle is a new tool that introduces some of our most significant implementations we have realized in recent years. vivimat® Lifestyle will tour various countries and cities in different volumes, showing vivimat® projects in a close and entertaining way.

vivimat® Lifestyle has been created as a marketing tool with the intention to show a cutting-edge, simple and enjoyable lifestyle, even more than just the product.

20th Anniversary Book

This book commemorate the 20 years of Dinitel. We conducted a review of all these years collecting different types of promotions where we installed each and every one of our various automation Vivimat® systems

Premier Book

We go through the Spanish geography, references showing three emblematic cities: Madrid, Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Luxury Homes

Luxury Homes 02 was created with the intention continuing showing the most significant implementations of our products. For this second edition we have carefully selected our projects and we present exquisite tour of our country starting from cities as Madrid, San Sebastian, Segovia, etc

We invite you to explores the quality and luxury of some of the most manicured developments in our country, where it becomes exclusive authentic quality of life.

International Life Style Book

Life Style Book 3 aims to show residential and outstanding houses with different vivimat systems installed.

We invite you to meet comprehensive and complex projects where vivimat has been able to contribute its traditional values of identity in a variety of residential construction. We travel to countries whose premises and technological needs vary, adapting to the local market efficiently. Thanks to this adaptation and respect for different cultures and lifestyles, we can show you interesting projects designed by our partners in each region.