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What is vivimat®?

Vivimat®, is the line home automation products for digital homes, that Dinitel designs, develop, manufacture and comercialize since 1993.

Vivimat® home automation products, have been specifically designed to meet market needs for new construction, renovation and decoration projects, providing a product range that totally ®home automation solutions covers the needs of both professionals and users

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Advantages for professionals

Flexible systems that meet the technical/economic needs of each project. Systems easy to install and configure. Close service network, capable of dealing with questions and resolve any doubts during the implementation process of vivimat® products.

Advantages for users

Wide range of features. Extension capacity. Close service network, capable to provide necessary maintenance services for the product life.

The vivimat® home automation products have evolved over the years by adapting them to market needs. Below you can see the current range of vivimat® home automation products, the result of constant innovation.

Vivimat® product range

Currently vivimat® home automation products are divided into three lines vivimat®, vivimat®Lite, vivimat® LITE VIDEO and vivimat® III. Each of these lines comes with a home automation platform of the same name, the central unit of the system and a series of screens and compatible peripherals

The current vivimat® product range covers the whole market for new construction and renovation.