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The P-LITE-VIDEO screen is a 3.5 inch colour touch screen, allowing you total control of your vivimat® LITE VIDEO home automation systems.

The vivimat® LITE VIDEO screen has a simple, elegant and vanguard design, that adapts and magnifies any part of your home.

Its navigation is user-friendly and intuitive, with a single gesture you'll have easy control of your entire home in an easy and fast way.

The P-LITE-VIDEO screen allows you access to the control of; alarms, scenes, illumination, blinds, plugs, air conditioning, communications and configuration. As a new feature vivimat® LITE VIDEO systems allow you to have a thorough look on the power consumption of your home automation system. vivimat® LITE VIDEO systems allow you to control the video-doorphone functionallity from P-LITE-VIDEO screen

P-LITE-VIDEO screen has a very avant-garde design and an attractive interface that makes this screen more than just a control panel.

 P-LITE VÍDEO display allows you:

Allows the user to modify system parameters.


Allows the alarm control and alarm monitoring of the housing.


With this button the user can arm and disarm the intrusion alarm


Gives the user the option to run a series of activities planned in advance.


This option allows the user to programme the different system elements.

Alarm log

Indicates that alarms have occurred and at what time.


Allows you to control the temperature of the housing via temperature controller (Screen include a temperature sensor).

Video doorphone

Integrated video doorphone in P-LITE-VIDEO displays.


View messages, both written and voice, previously created by the user.

Panic alarm

Gives the user the option to activate the panic alarm when it feels threatened by an intruder.

Antisabotage-tamper seal on the screen

Essential for alarm equipments.This prevents that the manipulation of the screen would alter the security of the system, because the system receives a notice of any sabotage attempt.

Reset and electronic overvoltage and overcharge protection

 The semiconductor protection eliminates the electromechanic fuses, simplifying the installation and maintenance of electronic systems.