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vivimat® LITE controls this parameters:
  • Water, for flood detection.
  • Gas, for gas leak detection.
  • Smoked and high tempetarure sensors for fire detection.
  • Motion sensors for: intrusion, lighting or climate management.
  • Internal temperature for clima control.
  • Lighting sensors to control the lighting.
  • Rain, to allow the closing of blinds in case of rain.
  • Wind, to allow the closing of awnings in case of strong wind.
The preprogrammed elements of the vivimat® Lite sytems are:
  • Light signals.
  • Accoustic signals.
  • Devices and appliances: Lamps, cofee machines, washing machines, waste water treatment plant…
  • Water valves. Water supply cut ni case of flooding.
  • Gas valves. Gas supply cut in case of gas leakage or fire.
  • Climatic control elements, boilers, zone valves, radiators, fans, heaters, air conditions: (Switching On/Off, programming, scenes, associated with zone temperature)
  • Lighting.
  • Motorized devices blinds.
  • Motorized devices awings.
  • Motorized devices curtains.
  • Motorized devices doors.   

The vivimat® LITE systems are capable of managing the permitted actuators, only directly through one or more of the inputs/outputs of the vivimat® LITE system.