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vivimat® III is the new high performance platform of the vivimat® product range.

Its interesting and innovative features make vivimat® 3.0 the ideal home automation product for homes of the future. A safe and professional system. Besides being a complete and safe alarm system, its surprising and innovative home automation features make this system the ultimate solution for your promotions.

vivimat® 3.0 is flexible with a lot of features, that can be customize for final client.

System advantages

Easy installation and handling

 Its star-wired installation greatly simplifies its installation and system configuration. vivimat® systems come pre-configured from the factory, which makes the configuration in common installations, almost obsolete.

Screen product range

This new version of the vivimat® central units allows the new Vison Color 7 touch screens for its navigation.

 All user parameters of the vivimat® III systems can be controlled from any control screen in the house.


With one basic central unit, the system can grow by adding vivimat® III-based modules, locally (to the appropriate central unit) or expanding (with the expansion buses). The philosophy is that each module brings new features, so the investment is justified.

Close technical support and client service

The vivimat® network  is the technical/commercial network of vivimat®. It provides support and advice in all phases of the installation process of the home automation system.

All vivimat® implementations are carried out and tested according to strict quality procedures, which ensures the success of each installation.

Safe, ARC connection

Vivimat®III systems are mainly focused on the market of new construction and renovation. Above all stands the security of its installation and operation. Therefore, the systems are dedicated cable systems which guarantees a clean and secure communication without interference in almost all circumstances. Moreover, the vivimat® III systems can be connected to a ARC (Alarm Reception Center).

vivimat® III is an approved security system for ARC leaders in the sector.