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The interior design and home automation


New technologies connected to the Internet are coming into our homes and the costs are dramatically lowering. In this post we would like to speak about home automation and how it`s affecting the design of the homes of the future.

It`s true that housing is still an area where it´s difficult to go in with "new technologies”. However, going slowly and reducing the production and distribution prices of this technology, the cost of a home automation system in Spain is declining day by day. Home automation is began to consider in advanced building houses as well as luxury villas, is approaching to the big the public.

That is why we put special emphasis on the emergence of this new concept in interior designs. Now we have to consider more related elements with home automation system. Motion sensors, security sensors, thermostats of all types, systems for controlling appliances, renewable energy installations…. It is a new field, but juicy and its relationship to design is evident. That is why these devices are becoming more beautiful, different colors, different shapes and nuanced textures and disparate sizes to be consistent with a given environment.

Obviously for different types of building we will have different types of facilities and devices.

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