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Dinitel launches to the market a new Smart key reader for the Automation Systems Vivimat.


Dinitel, leading manufacturer of home automation systems, completes for its range of home automation systems Vivimat (Lawsuit, Video, the IIIrd, KNX) the development of a new inclusive and advanced key reader providing it with additional functions. This new concept of reader enables the activation/deactivation of the alarm system, the execution of scenes without need to memorize any code and furthermore, is able to detect intrusions and measuring or controlling the temperature of a certain area. It is an easy and comfortable way to control the security of your home having comfort and saving energy functions at the same time. In order to control the air conditioning, the reader has incorporated a temperature sensor.

Technical features:

- Complementary product to the range of Vivimat products

- The products can be installed in any light switch
The product integrates:
        * Magnetic key reader (RFID) with more than 4 billion possible combinations. Suitable with proximity keys to 13,56MHz RFID, of reading / writing and ciphered intelligent information.
        * Temperature sensor
        * Low-current Presence detector
- Wired up or wireless form of connection.

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