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Corporate Identity

This manual is a document which introduces, describes and explains the basic distinguishing signs of the corporate visual identity VIVIMAT® and its application through the different supports it is shown.

Logo Vivimat

All of these applications shape the corporate identity guide. The aim of this guide of basic elements, is ensure the coherent and uniform use of the brand and the visual style of communication (external or internal) VIVIMAT®among the employees. The homogeneity and coherence using the brand enhances its recognition, and hence its value. Together with the demand of create a brand comes the need of managing the communication of it and the company as a group. The manual aims to be used as a guide to manage and understand, in a global way, what the communication to all the areas of the company carries.

Everyone in the company have the duty to communicate with the rest of the organization in a correct and coordinated way. Depending on of his/her position and responsibility in the company his/her communication will be more or less critical, but equally important.

That is why the manual intends to be a comprehensive guide of all the communicational elements, in which the available tools for the correct management of such communication are shown.

In order to last across the time the concept and the awarded sense, it is highly important to respect the totality of the procedure.